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The day you left is just another new beginning.

"Cisco is love.", I say, "Cisco is life."


hickeys are gross i want ten

3 sticks isn’t bad for a tiring and a very long day today.

Reblog if you lick or bite your lips, a lot.


and if you automatically did either one of the two, or both, don’t even fucking hesitate

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  • Marky: Yosi?
  • Me: Nope.
  • *after 3 minutes*
  • Me: Ate Ria isa nga pong black tas isang butter ball.
  • Marky: May pinag dadaanan ka na naman?
  • Me: Wala *laughs*

Everything is perfect until you broke my heart.

When you finally let go, it is like opening your front door and seeing yourself standing there again.

Welcome home, it’s been so long.
- Tina Tran, The Art of Letting Go (via larmoyante)

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